that is born
from experience

Designing Food Retail outlets means creating a distinctive identity.
Giving life to an environment that attracts people and excites them. Meeting concrete needs and imagining new visions for the future.
This is the philosophy of t-studio: an independent laboratory that was born from the experience of Tecnoarredamenti and has been an industry benchmark since 1973.

We create captivating outlets

We create
captivating outlets

When designing an outlet dedicated to Food Retail, it is essential to highlight its narrative value, i.e. its ability to promote the brand and the products with captivating language.
A story of materials, colours, graphic marks and cultural references.
A mixture that t-studio develops for each customer within a creative concept that cannot be replicated in other situations.


The t-studio working team, consisting of architects and designers, expresses its creative skills by moving in total liberty and independence in developing innovative ideas and solutions; young talent and mature professionalism constitute a creative team that is able to address and develop ways of designing new commercial concepts, identify integrated graphic branding and publicity solutions and respond effectively to new market needs by anticipating trends.


Today we think
about food retail
of tomorrow

The t-studio designs enable future developments, accompanying the product evolution of the business, or adapting the format to other outlets, whilst maintaining its style and functional features.
T-studio also constantly develops new Food Retail formats, exploring the world of new trends and creating unique Food Entertainment situations.